Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow Almost a Month into My Journey

Tomorrow January 29th Marks 4 weeks since I started My Weight loss Journey. I cannot believe Ive gone 4 weeks, and have actually continued to Improve myself! My Gym Routine is now Longer hours, more machines, and pushing myself past my limit.

I don't see a difference in the way I look, I am guessing because I do see myself everyday. I do see a difference in the way I feel ( i have more energy), The way certain clothes Fits me, and definately in my work out routine ( it seems to be getting easier).

I am actually excited about tomorrows weigh In and even More excited for My weigh In and STATS on February First! Also for my Pictures. I haven't yet posted them, but have pictures from January first and will also take some For February 1st, and MAYBE I will post the set on March first. Just seems too soon for me to be posting Pictures, when I still feel Uncomfortable, and feel that I still look like Day 1, Although I am over 10 lbs lighter!

Be On the look Out for my Stats On FEB. 1st and My Week 4 Weigh In Tomorrow ( will most likely be up by Sunday Morning)

Hope Everyone has a Great weekend! I work and will be busting my ass at the gym after!

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ashleysweigh said...

Good job! And great motivation. :)

Keep it up & good luck tomorrow!

Try not to get discouraged if you don't see the number you are hoping for on the scale. I'm bummed out today for that reason.