Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weigh in #2 *Scales the Same!*

With another week under my belt, and actually adding solids in this past week, my weight stayed the same on yesterdays weigh in. Still at 268 Which  is great considering its TOM  and I am extremely bloated, I have not yet incorporated exercise into my new diet, as you may have red that starts this week, with a whole different diet plan. Lets hope for some weight loss. Made some very healthy choices this past week, and it definitely showed considering i went back to solids, no exercise, definitely more calories, and Aunt Flow is due to be in town today, so bloating is at its worst!

I have crept around reading every ones blogs, stats, and updates, as I do every day, But I am usually so tired that I don't comment and sometimes I do Depends on when I log in, and what I did that day. Hope you guys have a Great 3 day weekend.

 Yesterdays Weigh In and Stats
*I only did a quick Measure before heading out to work so Only Got Some of the stats*
Chest: N/A
Hips: N/A
Thigh: N/A
Neck: 16

Weight: 268 lbs
The Only thing that has changed on My stats so far is my Neck went down .5 inches which is great considering I have been at 17" since 02/2010 so to finally see it drop down even by .5 inches Is Great!


KayBeth said...

Same thing happened to me this week, no budge on the scale and pmsing so looking for food everywhere and having to stop myself!

FatGirl said...

I WI tomorrow and I have had TOM this week too so Im hoping to at least stay at 268 this week also.

Ro said...

Im giving you an award on my blog. Check tomorrows post. Keep up the great work..stay focused :-)

Alex said...

Thanks for following my blog :-) I can follow you now too! All the best with your journey!