Friday, January 7, 2011

1 week No solids! Finally!

   When today comes to an end I will have successfully completed my first week of fasting. The 3rd day was my hardest and the 5th day i was having cravings like crazy but all the others just seemed normal. easy to do, with the exception of having to give up some of my favorite dinner items, when cooking for the husband. to sit there and watch as he eats, that had to have been my biggest challenge, and getting offered some of my favorite foods by my mom was definitely the biggest test of self control! I managed through it and today, Day 7 of my all liquid diet will go just as smoothly (god willing).

   Now as far as week 2... not sure exactly what to say to that, seems like its so long to go another week, but maybe it will pass just as quickly as this week did. I think  week two I will incorporate some solids. I am not too sure yet.  Tomorrow is my first weigh in! I'm a little nervous and excited to see how much difference 1 week has made. There has been no actual exercise for me this week, besides the constant movement at work this past weekend, and the time spent cleaning.

   One thing I do need to work on doing is consuming more calories. When I eat solids I have no problem eating them but in liquids, I have no idea what to eat. The last two days I had the broth of a soup I made. Which of course was delicious, but would have been better if I had eaten the salmon and broccoli I cooked in it.

   The fast isn't about depriving myself the foods I love, but mostly for self control! If I can get through 2 weeks, or even just this week of no solids, I KNOW that I can say no to just about anything I shouldn't be eating! It's just about wanting to. If I am eating solids and have eaten healthy all day and am offered some pie there is no reason I can't say no. I've eaten decently so there are no excuses. On a liquid diet I can pretty much have any excuse saying I am hungry because I have barely eaten and the liquids go right through me! The fact that I have been able to go through this entire week (almost) and not had to use an excuse ( even though I've felt empty) just shows that I can say no. This will make my diet and weight loss journey easier for the next 12 Months!

Have a great weekend I will be posting My stats Sometime tomorrow!

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