Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Food, Day 4 Success!! (10 days Left)

   Today I woke up feeling better than I had the last 2 days. It could have been the OJ from last night who knows. I was good all day. I have kept up my end of the deal of all liquids ( minus the tylenol) but have not lived up to the "MORE ACTIVE" portion, started off good the first 3 days but day 4 wow I was just Stuck on this laptop like glue! Mostly reading other blogs browsing thing and talking with friends (BAD!)  I did have some Ramen Noodle for dinner. I gave the noodles to my son and what he did not eat I put in the dogs bowl, and I got stuck with it's bath water! ( The noodles bath in it, I drink it!)  and I had a glass of milk not a good combo but need to make sure i get my calcium in there.

I am hoping to finish out this week with Flying colors and move on to next week. I will say that I am starting to think of food a lot. I have this craving for the salmon I bought, and tomorrow I will fulfill that craving By making it into soup and cooking the salmon and some broccoli with the soup and again just drinking the bath water!

I am Still not consuming as much calories as I should, and I know that, so after my 2 week all liquid fast, I will have to start back up slowly when bringing in these calories, or work out like crazy to make sure this weight doesn't start coming back. Probably bring it back with All liquids and 1 meal a day.

I still don't feel Lighter, but I do feel empty! Saturday Makes one week of this so hopefully these days fly by!

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KayBeth said...

good luck to you, I've never done anything that limiting before, but when we tried the south beach thing we we starving by the end of day one, you've had amazing will power to make it this far already!