Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Weigh In: 12 Pounds In one week?!?

    On January 1, 2011 My weight was 280lbs, Today January 8, 2011 My weight is at 268lbs as of this morning and as of this evening ( after consuming my liquids and Mini Meal of the day) weight was at 269. ( I need to not weigh my self more than once a week its very discouraging!)

Chest: 47.5
Arms: 15.5
Hips: 51.5
Thigh: 31.5
Neck: 16.5

Weight: 268 lbs

   Yesterday Ended My first week Of the Liquid Diet, and today started Week 2. My biggest Challenge has surprisingly been finding enough liquids with enough calories to make up for my meals, vegetable juices, Smoothie blends, different broths etc. I made it through the week with Flying colors. Days 6 and 7 I had the worst cravings ( at night ) for a Big Chipotle Burrito. I think I found the cause for my weight gain, Night time cravings. Usually if I get that craving I would go out and eat it but My activity level is very low in the evening.

   To make things a little clear: A liquid diet is extremely useful when your digestive system needs restoration. Liquids are easily digested and help in quick nutrient absorption. A liquid diet is the best way to rest and even cleanse your digestive systems since clear liquids help to drain out the toxins and waste from the body.  Although many people try out the liquid diet for losing weight, it is not at all a recommended option for weight loss. Any healthy way of losing weight has to be a perfect balance of nutrition and fitness training, and a liquid diet may fail to provide you all the essential nutrient elements. 

   With That being said, Week 1 was a way to clean out my digestive system from all of the holiday  and new years eve binge eating! Although the weight did drop significantly ( part of it having to do with my digestive system being empty), it was only to kick stat my weight loss. Now I will have a fresh clean start with a clean digestive system to let in all the healthy and nutritious food. Week 2 will consist of replacing 2 meals with Liquids and eating one well rounded meal a day. ( kind of the way Slim Fast would work)


Tee said...

Wow! 12lbs?! Awesome. :)

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations said...

Congratulations on making 2011 the year to get fit. It's always good to keep in mind that if you're eating nutritious foods in reasonable amounts and exercising, then the weight will take care of itself. Try not to obsess over numbers.

You've got a great attitude toward this that demonstrates the perseverance necessary to succeed in gaining your health this year.

Here's to a wonderful year!