Losing the weight

  100 lbs in 12 Months Wow, How is this going to happen? Well i plan on working my ass off! I know how to lose it, its about staying motivated long enough to actually succeed. I am done with excuses! I am in my Mid 20's and want to be around for years to come, to see my kids grow up.

  Exercise is a HUGE part of any diet/weight loss plan. It actually is the most important part. Eating less helps BUT only for so long. That will be My biggest Challenge, staying motivated enough to actually work out when I am supposed to. For me exercise isn't just hopping on a treadmill or going out for a jog.  It is altering my current activity level. I spend too much time on my ass! Whether its playing with my kid, watching tv, or behind the computer, it just isn't enough Movement. I plan on being more active by keeping busy. Cleaning, Dancing, playing with my son, and of course being more active during sex ( you know not letting him do all the work). In between My activity increase I will have workouts about 3 times/ week, until My soccer team starts in the spring.

   Diet Plans?? I really don't have any. Activity seems to be my biggest downfall since, I don't eat too much, but when I do, I eat Junk. So No Fast Foods, with exceptions of once in a while treats about once a month, Birthdays or holidays.

   To start out, I plan on Fasting, and having an all liquid diet for the first 2 weeks, and when needed adding in 130 Calorie "Naked" Fruit drink (all natural).  From there I will eat lean Meats ( chicken, fish shrimp) and about once every 2 weeks some steak. Nothing but water unless it is an all Liquid diet day. No Juices, no Soda, nothing that isn't plain water!

   I also decided to join a fellow Blogger in her 4 month  fast After my First 2 weeks. with a few Modifications.

No Fried Foods
No Sugar 
No Solid food after 7:30 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m. every day
Every Wednesday (liquid fasting) i.e smoothies, broths ….etc..

Something that always Makes me think twice before I eat half the things I eat is something Someone told me, last year during a weight loss attempt in a group of Plus size mommas...
"Nothing Tastes as good, as Skinny Feels" 
And that has stuck around in my head since! I don't by any means want to be Skinny, because I am a full figured gal and have always had hips and thighs, even at my lowest weight.

A great Incentive/Reward I am doing for myself, is giving myself $5/lb lost at the end of each month, all that will be posted in my Stats section with Pictures if possible at the beginning of each month. 

Hope you follow along on my journey, and watching me shed the weight 1 LB at a time!