Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st Already?!?!

Ok So seriously Where is the time going? It feels like Just yesterday I started this whole new life style then and it definitely does not seem like its been 6 weeks since I started the Gym. Well if my calendar is correct it actually has! WOW! I was worried I would Not  make it past the first few weeks of watching my meals, But Ive made it 9 weeks. Motivation has not been an issue, Time has. Being Home with my son all day then leaving to the gym about 2 hours after the husband gets home ( while my son Naps) and getting home at about 10:30 or later is a problem. I leave when hes are napping and I get home when hes asleep.  I do Manage to make my way to the gym every day. I have missed 1 day in about 5-6 weeks, and had 1 really bad slack day where i went and just decided that I just really did not want to be there, so I just did a few weight machines, But at least I got something in. Today is My 3rd Monthly Weigh In and Stats Update. I have been better about not checking my waist every day and have actually waited it out.

Since My Last weigh in i have lost a significant amount of weight about the same as last time I think, If I keep this weight loss then I will be done with my goals in no time!

Ok Now moving on to my Stats and weigh in for the 1st of the month. My weigh in is .2lbs higher than my Saturday weigh in but that is normal it does that through out the week and always drops on saturday. Well  here goes

February 1st- 271.5 lbs     March 1st-256.2 lbs

Now for the stats I will just Insert a picture I might have messed up some where. and didnt catch it like I did earlier with my hip size i was like WOW they got bigger but i had mixed 2 numbers up from last time. 

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Sarah Williams said...

I just recently started following your blog and thought I should leave you a comment! I too am going through a weight loss journey and blog about it. Great job on the weight loss so far!