Thursday, March 3, 2011

a Little Update

   WOW!  since I started my gym schedule I have Missed 1 Day and this past Tuesday I missed it! I showed up ( because most the time i will go in and work out) I even went in , put my stuff in the locker room used the restroom and nothing No want to go and work out.  In my defense, There was some drama at home that Pissed me off and all I wanted was to get home and deal with the Bullshit.  Wednesday, I was stressed to the max from spending my morning dealing with the problem, and handling Little man!
   After getting everything done fighting him to eat and taking him out to play, he then refuses to sleep. 2 hours of fighting him Daddy finally gets home and I flip out, he has the nerve to snap about the mess in the bedroom which was In part due to Cleaning up and taking shit out to organize and pack it. Well I went off kicked them both out my room I needed some Time to just relax. I ended up passing out for an hour and a half and when I woke up I got dressed ready to hit the gym after the few errands I had to run but decided that I would just take the day to relax since i was dead tired, BUT then little man after fighting his sleep and finally falling asleep at 8 he decides he wants to be restless at about 11 so Yea No rest there either!
    Weigh in  is on Saturday and I am definitely scared! I have eaten Beyond poorly this week slacked on Sunday, no gym Tuesday or Wednesday, So Today I must Kill it at the Gym and that also means I have to kill it tomorrow Too!  Stress Levels this week are Crazy and will be till about Tuesday or Wednesday Next week! I wouldn't Blame me If i gained a pound or so, But god willing I havn't


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