Monday, February 28, 2011

Weigh In #8

   Much to my Surprise, the scale was very kind this week. With all the Naughty Things I did, all the Delicious Bad things I ate, I though for sure the scale would Have read "FAT ASS" but instead it showed a 3.2lb Loss this past week! so YAY me!!

Last Weeks Weight: 259.2 lbs
This weeks Weight: 256.0 lbs (-3.2lbs)
Last weeks Goals:
  1. Lose 3 lbs ✓
  2. Maintain under 260lbs ✓
  3. Drink nothing BUT WATER!! X
2 out of 3 is not bad! lol  I didn't even make it past day one. usually Water isn't an issue but on weekends I go to work and well I have the urge to drink a bit of their yummy juices! I will try harder On another week because that would already be a fail this week as well lol.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In #7

     My Weigh in Post is a little Late,  but my weigh in was on time. With work, then making dinner, and heading straight to the gym on the weekends; It just seems like I never find the time to write a post!
    Well Weigh in this Past Saturday, to my surprise wasn't as bad as I would have imagined. Based on what I ate it was damn good!  My work outs remain the same 7 days a weeks, minus that one day I lost. I will be working for more Pounds this week But was glad to see the scale budge at 259.2 an exact 2lb Loss. leaving My  weight loss total at a 28.3lb loss since January 1, 2011. It seems like I might be meeting my second goal of losing 50 lbs a lot sooner than July 2011, which is great. I continue to do my Cardio and weights  alternating every other day As well as 3 dance classes a week and looking to throwing in some strength training in on Wednesdays, and a cardio kickboxing on Mondays. This week has already gotten off to a bad start but hoping the rest of my week goes better ( food wise anyways). Hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week!

Last Weeks weight: 261.2lbs
This Weeks weight: 259.2 lbs (-2lbs)
Goal This week: 
  1. Lose 3 lbs
  2. Maintain under 260lbs
  3. Drink nothing BUT WATER!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This scale Has been driving me crazy!

   Finally the scale is starting to Budge! I drive myself crazy all week long  when in my mind I know The scale wont show anything until about Wednesday Night or Thursday Morning. I weigh in  all day long all week long watching what I eat how much I eat and work twice as hard when the scale goes up and as Wednesday Approaches I push myself that much harder trying to get at least that 1-2 lb drop  that week. Every week no matter what I do the scale doesn't budge until Wednesday or Thursday so why  do this to myself I have no clue! In a way I like driving myself Nuts because it keeps me on check, and rethinking a lot of choices I do make worrying about that damn scale and what it will read the next time I hop on, but in other ways it can be a little discouraging, when a lot of the times I know the scale has only gone up because I just consumed food liquids or what ever so the weight that is reading will most likely not be there by the end of the week. I've thought about taking the damn thing out the bathroom at least until Wednesdays or Thursdays but I don't know, The thought of gaining and not knowing drives me crazier than reading the scale!

  I am hoping that this week I FINALLY break 260 and get into the 250's I don't care what number in the 250's as long as I can permanently say GOODBYE to the 260's. I have said good By to the 280's, 270's and Now its time to say sayonara to the 260's and be that much closer to my First Goal of losing 50lbs by July 4th, and Finally being Below My High school weight. I graduated weighing about 242lbs I started weighing about 205lbs  My goal by Jan1, 2012 is to reach the weight I was at the start of My Junior year  about 180 from there The weight just started going up. so heres to a Minimum of 2 Lbs this week. I will be tearing it up at the gym today and tomorrow to make up for that horrible Valentines day which I had no gym and Applebees! Yikes!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weigh in # 6

About My Week:  Last week I weighed in at 268.6 Lbs the scale kept moving Up and down but the most consistent Number on Saturday morning was that! Well This week Driving myself crazy weighing myself damn near every day Several times a day, Honestly almost every damn time I went in the bathroom! Before I peed after I peed before I shower and again after! and On Tuesday the scale had budged maybe a lb Which By Wednesday Night had gone Up .5 lbs from Saturdays Weigh In! That will drive some one crazy! Especially Putting in the amount of Gym time I have been. I can say My eating has been a little Off, I mean Sunday ( Superbowl Sunday to be exact) I did have wings About 4 of them ( after the gym) and some ranch and celery, That is about it. I have avoided Steak by all costs, and  Even went shopping for Whole grain and egg whites. I have had a few splurges like a bite of a chocolate frosted and glazed donut. I did eat Spicy rolls like 3 days in a row for dinner ( but Killed it at the gym). So  when I saw the scale ( both at the Gym and at home) show a 3lb drop on Wednesday I damn near broke my face smiling!  Well With all the water  getting out of my system My Thursday night weigh in was a little under 5lbs. I was afraid to eat too Much Friday in fear of gaining some of the weight lost on Thursday so I started slow, Had a breakfast burrito, Made from egg Whites, onion, tomatoes, and some turkey wrapped in a tomato flavored Wrap. Delicious! I ate normally had some apple juice and am still excited about my weigh in this morning!

Biggest Challenge: My biggest Challenge this week Is bringing home take out and watching my husband eat it! Cooking Yummy food for the Boy and not eating anything Like pancakes, buttered toast, Chicken nuggets, clam chowder *Drool*! Yum! They had pizza this week Chinese, mcdonalds, wendys, damn near everything Id kill to have and I have resisted temptation by all costs! And I am glad I did because the scale sure shows all the effort I have put into it! This is very encouraging!

Well MY cheat day is typically on Sunday But Like last weekend I tried keeping it to a minimum like instead of killing the bags of wings I actually only had 4! So I will see what i give myself this Sunday to Tie me over Till My next cheat day!

Without further ado:

Last Weeks Weight: 268.6
This Weeks Weight: 261.2
Weight Lost:7.4 lbs.
Total Loss Since 1.1.11: 26.3lbs
First Mini Goal of 25 Lbs Reached Yay!

I am Very amazed that I Lost that much considering I have not limited my calorie intake and have been eating Pretty well ( a little too well) But the Gym time has been ALOT! so I am very glad To see the results I did. And I know some will say That it is only healthy to lose 2 lbs per week, and to them I say That goes for the people starving to lose their weight and Ive heard the muscle Mass thing, But all I can say to yall is, I cant control how much I've lost, I ate ALOT just ate right and for anything that wasnt the best choice I killed it at the gym, so Unless there is some ridiculous lecture about Working out to Much, Keep on moving! Any ways YAY me!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little randomness

Tryna Keep active all week long is definitely a Challenge. I am beginning to think I have no Life. From taking care of my son all day until my Husband comes home, then Rushing out to the gym after preparing his dinner, and getting home well after 10:30, I have no time for anything else. Yesterday was a day off for my cousin whom goes to church on Wednesdays so I decided that since I'm her ride, that I would file My taxes on that day. Well Missing a gym day is Unacceptable especially a Cardio day! I made my way to the gym to do atleast 30 minutes of Cardio!  It has become part of my routine to go to the gym, in a way I like it but In another way Its a little annoying to have in the back of my mind that I NEED to go even on days I just want to take off, I have been going almost 4  weeks straights with no days off, from cardio weights and our dance classes, I am beat! I am tipping the scales at a 3lb loss this week! I know I know too soon to tell but who cares im just glad to see the damn thing moving on down lol! I think I will be reaching my first BIG goal ( short term goal to lose 50 lbs by July 4th) a little early! that would leave me at about 237lbs with only 50 more to go! the sooner I can get it off the sooner I can get to working on my next 50 lbs Lol!  Eating healthy hasnt been too hard, Tryna eat whole grain only egg whites salads fruits and staying away from steak, BUt chicken is nt my friend only seafood and steak are and Steak isn't an option well heres to maintaining the 3lb loss till saturdays weigh in! woo hoo! half way through this week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

weigh in #5

Although Friday night I did have a late night dinner like 10:30pm and I debated whether or not I should since, well I had to weigh in, in the morning. I decided that yes I would in fact have 1/4th of my salad! and the scale did ok. How I gained, .6 lbs while sleeping god only knows haha But ill take the new weight! Today ( although The scales were acting up, and not by a lb or 2 but like 7 to 8 lbs so I replaced it) I weighed in at 268.6 lbs which according to the scale from the gym means a 2.9 drop in weight since Tuesday/Wednesday, so this week I lost almost 3lbs Not bad. Still ahead of schedule. By this date I was hoping to have lost 10 lbs and have in fact lost 18.9lbs, so I am about 4 weeks ahead of where I want to be! I will reach my first BIG Goal sooner than expected, and I am so Close to my First mini goal (20 lbs) i can already taste it! I will be killing it at the gym this week to get those 2 lbs Maybe even 3 by next saturday! The cousin and I spend Almost 3 hours daily at the gym, when we get bored we switch machines and go back to the ones we left before!

Today I had a great day at work. I bought some Salmon yesterday and took 1/4 of the LARGE salad I had bought and made my salmon at work and had it with some lemon and pepper and put some lemon on my salad and YUmMy I coun't have been more satisfied! Tommorow I will probably eat shrimp with HALF the salad I still have LOL. I was so Proud that I did not give in to all the yummys at work, not to mention The husbands Friday night pizza that smelled so good in my car! And saturday nights Chincese that Also smelled like heaven on earth! well I resisted and did have a great work out.

The results surely show that Im busting my ass at the Gym. Thank god Or else i would be getting discouraged especially after this WHole disaster with the scale that makes you weigh 7 lbs less!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broken Scale! WTF!!!

Well as Some of you may have read, I started my weight loss Journey On January 1st, weighing in at 280lbs, or so I thought. I recently weighed myself on a new scale which in fact said I was 7 lbs heavier than my usual scale was reading! I freaked out and brushed it off as a fucked up scale, but in my head i kinda thought that reading might be right. But what do I do with only 2 scales in a house? One must be wrong and 1 Must be right! So what did I do, I got the courage to weigh Myself at the gym! Which yes My start off Scale is In fact 7 lbs off! So I will be editing all my weigh ins and adding 7 lbs to each. I also had my cousin Test the scale. When she was over here she hopped on and was ecstatic that she had lost so much weight, but then on her weigh in at home she was up 5 Lbs?!?!? OMG can we say discouraging?!? well She was happy to know my scale was in fact broken and that she has not gained anything.

Im a little discouraged, since last year breaking 270 was my biggest challenge and i was glad that it went down so easily, but now Knowing that the scale is wrong Im still stuck over 270 Im hoping that will drop as soon as I weigh in this Saturday.

I am not so concerned on how much I weight But the lbs Ive been Losing! And The scale has not failed at that. No matter who gets on it, it is 7lbs off so I know the weight loss is right but the Numbers are wrong!

Sadly this means I HAD gained weight and didn't even know because the scale always said 279-281, and in reality I was tipping it at about 286-288lbs! Wow! That's definitely the heaviest Ive ever been!

Well Just felt Like Filling yall in. Just In case those of you that read my blog think WOW! 7lbs in a week gained?!?! Nope Just want to have my real weight on here, I could just easily keep using the same scale but I don't trust it anymore, even with its consistency of 7 lbs I'm worried it might be wrong on my weight loss or weight gain!

I will try and get some Progress Pictures up Monthly, I have them taken Just not Uploaded. Hope everyone has a great day, and I will try to not let this Ridiculous Set back discourage me!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month Already? *Monthly Stats*

   It feels like just yesterday, I was dreading starting this whole new weight loss journey. I was taking my measurements and stats to keep track of my loss, and I didn't imagine that in one month I would have made such a big difference. It is now 1 month later and I am taking my stats to compare my loss and start off the new month of dieting and working out.

   Starting off January 1, 2011 at 280, and doing my last weigh in (for January) on Saturday January 29, 2011 and weighing in at 264, showing a 16 pound drop in just 4 weeks was an amazing feeling! It is Now February 1, 2011 and time for my stats and the beginning of the month Weigh in.

  So Without further ado, I am starting out February 1, 2011 weighing in at 264 lbs. No loss and no gain since my last weigh in 3 days ago! Lets hope for a loss before my first February weigh in on Saturday!

   I had a drop in all my stats! Some were small and some didn't change beyond my first week but nonetheless a change! Here goes.

Here is a break down of My 4 weeks In January
Week 1 (1.1.11-1.8.11)-Liquid diet ( all Liquid no solids) -12lbs
Week 2 (1.8.11-1.15.11)-Portion Control (Back on solids in very small Portions) 0 lbs
Week 3 (1.15.11-1.22.11)-Fasting ( One meal a day all liquids) -1lb
Week 4 (1.22.11-1.29.11)-Portion Control and Exercise (smaller meals Lots of cardio) -3lbs

Week 5 has started and consists of fasting and exercise! I will be supplementing 2 meals with a shake, to make up for missing calories and vitamins needed.