The Story

Anytime I Lose weight Every ones first question after spending time admiring me ( when you know damn well they are like This Bitch!) "HOW DID YOU LOSE THE WEIGHT?"  While secretly they are thinking it had to do with some form of surgery! So....

How will I achieve this goal?
The same way I did the last two times!

By working My Ass Off.
There is No secret to this, If there was I surely Would have found it if Not My BFF LC would have found it for me! All these people that sell You books and you read them but dont like the 2 Lbs a week and say Screw the Book! Well Sadly thats the Only way its going to come off. You might lose 5 the first week 7 the next week 0 the 3rd ad then  another 2 but that is based on you! 

Don't set Your Goals so high

Don't set yourself up for failure by deciding you want to lose 50 lbs by the end of the Month! Its ridiculous and well you will be working out 24/7! If its at all possible

Instead Say you would like to lose 15 lbs so that if you lose 20 or more you will be happy and then give yourself a reward!

This is a Lifestyle change! I do Not want the weight to come off super fast ( well I do but thats not wise!) I want to get used to eating healthy and knowing that I can still eat things I like if i work for them! Alot of people say starving doesnt Work and I do believe it does but if your body goes from 2500 calories to like 100-300 a day it will lose the weight just as surely as when you go from 100-300 calories a day back up to 1000 your weight is going back up!

In 2003 I ate so Much but my activity level was Very Active! I did sports walked everywhere and Ate 3 meals a day with the occasional snack after dinner. Key was I was always actively busy that i wasnt hungry and didn't spend my days sitting and snacking!

In 2007 I again was involved in sports, the first 20 Lbs  I Lost By Joining a soccer team well I assisted the coach and occasionally for practice got to play. After The 20 lbs I got motivated to start eating better and start working Out! I then Lost another 28 -30 Lbs and managed to keep it off.

I Later ended up gaining weight after my Pregnancy and Lost 30 After Having the baby and Gained it back so all in all I am 80 lbs Heavier than Pre baby but 105 Lbs Over where I WANT TO BE!