Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Quickie! Weigh in #4

Ok so this will be a quickie since I am exhausted, After work had to pick up dinner and then head off to the gym after dropping off dinner. Well seems like the working out is paying off I am now down 3 more pounds since my last weight in leaving me at a total of 16 lbs lost in 4 weeks! Woohoo Im 32% of the way to my First BIG goal of Losing 50 Lbs by summer! Lets go 24More lbs! I will be posting this weeks work outs sometime Just not now cause im dead sleepy! Night yall!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow Almost a Month into My Journey

Tomorrow January 29th Marks 4 weeks since I started My Weight loss Journey. I cannot believe Ive gone 4 weeks, and have actually continued to Improve myself! My Gym Routine is now Longer hours, more machines, and pushing myself past my limit.

I don't see a difference in the way I look, I am guessing because I do see myself everyday. I do see a difference in the way I feel ( i have more energy), The way certain clothes Fits me, and definately in my work out routine ( it seems to be getting easier).

I am actually excited about tomorrows weigh In and even More excited for My weigh In and STATS on February First! Also for my Pictures. I haven't yet posted them, but have pictures from January first and will also take some For February 1st, and MAYBE I will post the set on March first. Just seems too soon for me to be posting Pictures, when I still feel Uncomfortable, and feel that I still look like Day 1, Although I am over 10 lbs lighter!

Be On the look Out for my Stats On FEB. 1st and My Week 4 Weigh In Tomorrow ( will most likely be up by Sunday Morning)

Hope Everyone has a Great weekend! I work and will be busting my ass at the gym after!

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Blog Award!

    I have been a little busy, and the day the award was given too me I had no time to accept it or even write a blog until last night! But nonetheless,
    Thanks to *Ro Gets Fit* for giving me the stylish Blogger award!
    If you have not checked out her blog Hop on over. Talk about Motivation, she is one of the first blogs I followed, and she is doing great when it comes to dieting and eating. Check Her out! Why?? because shes awsome! If thats not good enough, Then BECAUSE I SAID SO!


The Rules:
Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award!
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs.

- I Love Sports! Soccer, Track, Football, Cheerleading! All of it Not just watching but I have almost Always been actively engaged in a sport My spring season of soccer starts In a few weeks and Im excited!

- I have always been outgoing and confident up until I had my son and then I became self concious. Even when I was younger and was heavy it never seemed to stop me from being myself!

- Sleeping is the best thing ever! I would sleep all day everyday if i were able to! I could possibly be depressed Lol Just Kidding Just tired!

-I am a make up Crazed Girl

- My goal is to enlist in the Army by the time I turn 25

- I have 1 BFF in Person, and 2 people I can always COunt on in the Online world!

- My greatest revenge is succeeding and proving others wrong! I love to do that and rubbing their dirty loud mouth faces in it!

All Awsome Blogs, and always have me going back to read their next Post, I might not always comment But Im always Stalking Checking in on whats new!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slacking on My Blog! Weigh in #3

   Well It was a busy weekend, but I did NOT fail to weigh in yesterday morning before heading off to work, Although I expected a gain of some sort and AF finally showed up Thursday I feel bloated. I am down 1 lb since last Saturday so I am at 267lbs I did not take my easurments but will be posting my MONTHLY stats on February first lets hope theres been some Loss.... I Started my Gym work out and UGH I feel so Out of shape. Running is easy, It was the stair master that killed me. I am used to running, but i am not used to doing other things like the stairmaster, The eliptical Is Ok but I feel real good about My work out! Lets hope Since AF leaves town and Im with my work out routine I can drop some weight this week, to have an AWSOME weigh in Next week! Hope every one has a great week!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weigh in #2 *Scales the Same!*

With another week under my belt, and actually adding solids in this past week, my weight stayed the same on yesterdays weigh in. Still at 268 Which  is great considering its TOM  and I am extremely bloated, I have not yet incorporated exercise into my new diet, as you may have red that starts this week, with a whole different diet plan. Lets hope for some weight loss. Made some very healthy choices this past week, and it definitely showed considering i went back to solids, no exercise, definitely more calories, and Aunt Flow is due to be in town today, so bloating is at its worst!

I have crept around reading every ones blogs, stats, and updates, as I do every day, But I am usually so tired that I don't comment and sometimes I do Depends on when I log in, and what I did that day. Hope you guys have a Great 3 day weekend.

 Yesterdays Weigh In and Stats
*I only did a quick Measure before heading out to work so Only Got Some of the stats*
Chest: N/A
Hips: N/A
Thigh: N/A
Neck: 16

Weight: 268 lbs
The Only thing that has changed on My stats so far is my Neck went down .5 inches which is great considering I have been at 17" since 02/2010 so to finally see it drop down even by .5 inches Is Great!

Friday, January 14, 2011

1 more day till Weigh In *Yikes*

Week 2 has been Horrible. With TOM on its way, and all the cravings, I get this week and how sleepy I've felt, I'm Just glad i didn't Gain back a whole bunch of weight. Although some weight gain this week was expected, seeing how I started out my first week with a liquid diet, and I was not consuming enough calories this week I have not eaten as often as I should be but I am more than sure I consumed More calories than last week. We also had some Birthday cake this week, so that added to the sweets, Weigh In isn't officially until tomorrow, but I have been checking it, so I would not go way over board. 

I am hoping as My weight loss journey continues That things will get easier. When sometimes making the same meals, I will already know how many calories are in certain foods, and working on my running an exercise.  It already seems like its a difficult journey especially with everything else going on.

Here's to hoping my weight gain for this week wasn't more than 2 lbs.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Weigh In: 12 Pounds In one week?!?

    On January 1, 2011 My weight was 280lbs, Today January 8, 2011 My weight is at 268lbs as of this morning and as of this evening ( after consuming my liquids and Mini Meal of the day) weight was at 269. ( I need to not weigh my self more than once a week its very discouraging!)

Chest: 47.5
Arms: 15.5
Hips: 51.5
Thigh: 31.5
Neck: 16.5

Weight: 268 lbs

   Yesterday Ended My first week Of the Liquid Diet, and today started Week 2. My biggest Challenge has surprisingly been finding enough liquids with enough calories to make up for my meals, vegetable juices, Smoothie blends, different broths etc. I made it through the week with Flying colors. Days 6 and 7 I had the worst cravings ( at night ) for a Big Chipotle Burrito. I think I found the cause for my weight gain, Night time cravings. Usually if I get that craving I would go out and eat it but My activity level is very low in the evening.

   To make things a little clear: A liquid diet is extremely useful when your digestive system needs restoration. Liquids are easily digested and help in quick nutrient absorption. A liquid diet is the best way to rest and even cleanse your digestive systems since clear liquids help to drain out the toxins and waste from the body.  Although many people try out the liquid diet for losing weight, it is not at all a recommended option for weight loss. Any healthy way of losing weight has to be a perfect balance of nutrition and fitness training, and a liquid diet may fail to provide you all the essential nutrient elements. 

   With That being said, Week 1 was a way to clean out my digestive system from all of the holiday  and new years eve binge eating! Although the weight did drop significantly ( part of it having to do with my digestive system being empty), it was only to kick stat my weight loss. Now I will have a fresh clean start with a clean digestive system to let in all the healthy and nutritious food. Week 2 will consist of replacing 2 meals with Liquids and eating one well rounded meal a day. ( kind of the way Slim Fast would work)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 Liquid Fast-Complete

  So in about 30 minutes i will have completed my first week of Fasting! All liquids no solids, lots of cravings. I love the way my body feels, just by feeling empty! I will admit going to the bathroom like a pregnant woman is a little annoying, but come tomorrow morning I hope it will all be worth it. I did not have as many calories as I should have. I had the same broth the last 3 nights in a row, I will admit that by tonight I couldn't even get it down, but I did so I would not get the urge to go and search the fridge in the middle of the night! This week tested my self control and will power, so I have no excuses, when it comes to dieting and eating right. If I was able to not eat for 1 week, I can sure as hell say no to something that I don't Need to eat!

   Surprisingly I don't feel as horrible as I thought I would feel. I've been pretty active, a little irritable, but that's every month right before AF shows up in town. Doesn't feel like I haven't been eating solids except for this craving to drive to Chipotle and buy me one of those delicious 10lb burritos Yum! Well everyone hope your weekend is great check in Sunday for my Weigh in!

1 week No solids! Finally!

   When today comes to an end I will have successfully completed my first week of fasting. The 3rd day was my hardest and the 5th day i was having cravings like crazy but all the others just seemed normal. easy to do, with the exception of having to give up some of my favorite dinner items, when cooking for the husband. to sit there and watch as he eats, that had to have been my biggest challenge, and getting offered some of my favorite foods by my mom was definitely the biggest test of self control! I managed through it and today, Day 7 of my all liquid diet will go just as smoothly (god willing).

   Now as far as week 2... not sure exactly what to say to that, seems like its so long to go another week, but maybe it will pass just as quickly as this week did. I think  week two I will incorporate some solids. I am not too sure yet.  Tomorrow is my first weigh in! I'm a little nervous and excited to see how much difference 1 week has made. There has been no actual exercise for me this week, besides the constant movement at work this past weekend, and the time spent cleaning.

   One thing I do need to work on doing is consuming more calories. When I eat solids I have no problem eating them but in liquids, I have no idea what to eat. The last two days I had the broth of a soup I made. Which of course was delicious, but would have been better if I had eaten the salmon and broccoli I cooked in it.

   The fast isn't about depriving myself the foods I love, but mostly for self control! If I can get through 2 weeks, or even just this week of no solids, I KNOW that I can say no to just about anything I shouldn't be eating! It's just about wanting to. If I am eating solids and have eaten healthy all day and am offered some pie there is no reason I can't say no. I've eaten decently so there are no excuses. On a liquid diet I can pretty much have any excuse saying I am hungry because I have barely eaten and the liquids go right through me! The fact that I have been able to go through this entire week (almost) and not had to use an excuse ( even though I've felt empty) just shows that I can say no. This will make my diet and weight loss journey easier for the next 12 Months!

Have a great weekend I will be posting My stats Sometime tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Food, Day 4 Success!! (10 days Left)

   Today I woke up feeling better than I had the last 2 days. It could have been the OJ from last night who knows. I was good all day. I have kept up my end of the deal of all liquids ( minus the tylenol) but have not lived up to the "MORE ACTIVE" portion, started off good the first 3 days but day 4 wow I was just Stuck on this laptop like glue! Mostly reading other blogs browsing thing and talking with friends (BAD!)  I did have some Ramen Noodle for dinner. I gave the noodles to my son and what he did not eat I put in the dogs bowl, and I got stuck with it's bath water! ( The noodles bath in it, I drink it!)  and I had a glass of milk not a good combo but need to make sure i get my calcium in there.

I am hoping to finish out this week with Flying colors and move on to next week. I will say that I am starting to think of food a lot. I have this craving for the salmon I bought, and tomorrow I will fulfill that craving By making it into soup and cooking the salmon and some broccoli with the soup and again just drinking the bath water!

I am Still not consuming as much calories as I should, and I know that, so after my 2 week all liquid fast, I will have to start back up slowly when bringing in these calories, or work out like crazy to make sure this weight doesn't start coming back. Probably bring it back with All liquids and 1 meal a day.

I still don't feel Lighter, but I do feel empty! Saturday Makes one week of this so hopefully these days fly by!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 no Food!

So 3 days into My New Year Challenge and goal of losing 100lbs By New Years 2012 has gotten off to a great start. Today is day 3 of my all Liquid fasting. Although I will admit I haven't really had too many calories, which isn't too wise! I will be making sure that my liquid meals have enough calories in them to keep me going until week 2 because right now I feel Like I'm missing something. I keep wondering if I can really make it two weeks with out any solids and well, babies do it, 50 Cent did it, so I definitely can too.

The hardest part of it is cooking meals for my son and my husband and sitting there through dinner watching them eat! Luckily spaghetti's wasn't on my list of must eat for dinner tonight, but that is what I cooked. Do I feel thinner? Nope! But I do feel empty, and like I am forever running to the bathroom. Well My Next weigh in is on Saturday with Hopefully some weight loss. a 2lb minimum. I will have no work outs for these first 2 weeks, just liquid fasting with a little more activity in my daily routine.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here we go again!

Happy New Year

   I've been down this road many times before! Having done this last year, and quitting soon after, only to realize it is now one year later is devastating. To think if I had stuck to my plan and made it I would be 100 lbs lighter. My problem doesn't come from not knowing what to do to try and lose the weight, because I have done this before. My problem comes lack of will power. Well 2011 is my year and I plan on making it the whole way!

   I will Be weighing in Weekly and Posting My weight for each weigh in, But I will only be taking My end of the Month weight as My final weight. No if ands or buts about the weight that I gained that last day or so.

Starting Stats:
Chest: 50
Arms: 16.5
Waist: 50
Hips: 54.5
Thigh: 32
Neck: 17

Weight: 280 lbs