Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slacking on My Blog! Weigh in #3

   Well It was a busy weekend, but I did NOT fail to weigh in yesterday morning before heading off to work, Although I expected a gain of some sort and AF finally showed up Thursday I feel bloated. I am down 1 lb since last Saturday so I am at 267lbs I did not take my easurments but will be posting my MONTHLY stats on February first lets hope theres been some Loss.... I Started my Gym work out and UGH I feel so Out of shape. Running is easy, It was the stair master that killed me. I am used to running, but i am not used to doing other things like the stairmaster, The eliptical Is Ok but I feel real good about My work out! Lets hope Since AF leaves town and Im with my work out routine I can drop some weight this week, to have an AWSOME weigh in Next week! Hope every one has a great week!

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