Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 no Food!

So 3 days into My New Year Challenge and goal of losing 100lbs By New Years 2012 has gotten off to a great start. Today is day 3 of my all Liquid fasting. Although I will admit I haven't really had too many calories, which isn't too wise! I will be making sure that my liquid meals have enough calories in them to keep me going until week 2 because right now I feel Like I'm missing something. I keep wondering if I can really make it two weeks with out any solids and well, babies do it, 50 Cent did it, so I definitely can too.

The hardest part of it is cooking meals for my son and my husband and sitting there through dinner watching them eat! Luckily spaghetti's wasn't on my list of must eat for dinner tonight, but that is what I cooked. Do I feel thinner? Nope! But I do feel empty, and like I am forever running to the bathroom. Well My Next weigh in is on Saturday with Hopefully some weight loss. a 2lb minimum. I will have no work outs for these first 2 weeks, just liquid fasting with a little more activity in my daily routine.


Ro said...

Day 3!! way to go...that’s more than I have ever bfast look skimpy but its super filling. The PB is filling and then I’ll have another fruit and tea right after/
Keep up your way in the world I could sit in front of someone eating ....Id snatch their food and shovel it in my

Robin said...

WOw! I commend you on making 3 days! Dont know if I could do it. SO yeahhhhhhhhhhhh for oyu! Good luck on your journey, and thanks for stopping by my blog.. Robin