Friday, January 14, 2011

1 more day till Weigh In *Yikes*

Week 2 has been Horrible. With TOM on its way, and all the cravings, I get this week and how sleepy I've felt, I'm Just glad i didn't Gain back a whole bunch of weight. Although some weight gain this week was expected, seeing how I started out my first week with a liquid diet, and I was not consuming enough calories this week I have not eaten as often as I should be but I am more than sure I consumed More calories than last week. We also had some Birthday cake this week, so that added to the sweets, Weigh In isn't officially until tomorrow, but I have been checking it, so I would not go way over board. 

I am hoping as My weight loss journey continues That things will get easier. When sometimes making the same meals, I will already know how many calories are in certain foods, and working on my running an exercise.  It already seems like its a difficult journey especially with everything else going on.

Here's to hoping my weight gain for this week wasn't more than 2 lbs.

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