Saturday, February 5, 2011

weigh in #5

Although Friday night I did have a late night dinner like 10:30pm and I debated whether or not I should since, well I had to weigh in, in the morning. I decided that yes I would in fact have 1/4th of my salad! and the scale did ok. How I gained, .6 lbs while sleeping god only knows haha But ill take the new weight! Today ( although The scales were acting up, and not by a lb or 2 but like 7 to 8 lbs so I replaced it) I weighed in at 268.6 lbs which according to the scale from the gym means a 2.9 drop in weight since Tuesday/Wednesday, so this week I lost almost 3lbs Not bad. Still ahead of schedule. By this date I was hoping to have lost 10 lbs and have in fact lost 18.9lbs, so I am about 4 weeks ahead of where I want to be! I will reach my first BIG Goal sooner than expected, and I am so Close to my First mini goal (20 lbs) i can already taste it! I will be killing it at the gym this week to get those 2 lbs Maybe even 3 by next saturday! The cousin and I spend Almost 3 hours daily at the gym, when we get bored we switch machines and go back to the ones we left before!

Today I had a great day at work. I bought some Salmon yesterday and took 1/4 of the LARGE salad I had bought and made my salmon at work and had it with some lemon and pepper and put some lemon on my salad and YUmMy I coun't have been more satisfied! Tommorow I will probably eat shrimp with HALF the salad I still have LOL. I was so Proud that I did not give in to all the yummys at work, not to mention The husbands Friday night pizza that smelled so good in my car! And saturday nights Chincese that Also smelled like heaven on earth! well I resisted and did have a great work out.

The results surely show that Im busting my ass at the Gym. Thank god Or else i would be getting discouraged especially after this WHole disaster with the scale that makes you weigh 7 lbs less!

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