Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little randomness

Tryna Keep active all week long is definitely a Challenge. I am beginning to think I have no Life. From taking care of my son all day until my Husband comes home, then Rushing out to the gym after preparing his dinner, and getting home well after 10:30, I have no time for anything else. Yesterday was a day off for my cousin whom goes to church on Wednesdays so I decided that since I'm her ride, that I would file My taxes on that day. Well Missing a gym day is Unacceptable especially a Cardio day! I made my way to the gym to do atleast 30 minutes of Cardio!  It has become part of my routine to go to the gym, in a way I like it but In another way Its a little annoying to have in the back of my mind that I NEED to go even on days I just want to take off, I have been going almost 4  weeks straights with no days off, from cardio weights and our dance classes, I am beat! I am tipping the scales at a 3lb loss this week! I know I know too soon to tell but who cares im just glad to see the damn thing moving on down lol! I think I will be reaching my first BIG goal ( short term goal to lose 50 lbs by July 4th) a little early! that would leave me at about 237lbs with only 50 more to go! the sooner I can get it off the sooner I can get to working on my next 50 lbs Lol!  Eating healthy hasnt been too hard, Tryna eat whole grain only egg whites salads fruits and staying away from steak, BUt chicken is nt my friend only seafood and steak are and Steak isn't an option well heres to maintaining the 3lb loss till saturdays weigh in! woo hoo! half way through this week!

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cristie said...

congrats on the 3 lbs! that is great. You may may reach your goal a LOT sooner than july.. best wishes!!