Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broken Scale! WTF!!!

Well as Some of you may have read, I started my weight loss Journey On January 1st, weighing in at 280lbs, or so I thought. I recently weighed myself on a new scale which in fact said I was 7 lbs heavier than my usual scale was reading! I freaked out and brushed it off as a fucked up scale, but in my head i kinda thought that reading might be right. But what do I do with only 2 scales in a house? One must be wrong and 1 Must be right! So what did I do, I got the courage to weigh Myself at the gym! Which yes My start off Scale is In fact 7 lbs off! So I will be editing all my weigh ins and adding 7 lbs to each. I also had my cousin Test the scale. When she was over here she hopped on and was ecstatic that she had lost so much weight, but then on her weigh in at home she was up 5 Lbs?!?!? OMG can we say discouraging?!? well She was happy to know my scale was in fact broken and that she has not gained anything.

Im a little discouraged, since last year breaking 270 was my biggest challenge and i was glad that it went down so easily, but now Knowing that the scale is wrong Im still stuck over 270 Im hoping that will drop as soon as I weigh in this Saturday.

I am not so concerned on how much I weight But the lbs Ive been Losing! And The scale has not failed at that. No matter who gets on it, it is 7lbs off so I know the weight loss is right but the Numbers are wrong!

Sadly this means I HAD gained weight and didn't even know because the scale always said 279-281, and in reality I was tipping it at about 286-288lbs! Wow! That's definitely the heaviest Ive ever been!

Well Just felt Like Filling yall in. Just In case those of you that read my blog think WOW! 7lbs in a week gained?!?! Nope Just want to have my real weight on here, I could just easily keep using the same scale but I don't trust it anymore, even with its consistency of 7 lbs I'm worried it might be wrong on my weight loss or weight gain!

I will try and get some Progress Pictures up Monthly, I have them taken Just not Uploaded. Hope everyone has a great day, and I will try to not let this Ridiculous Set back discourage me!

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