Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weigh in # 6

About My Week:  Last week I weighed in at 268.6 Lbs the scale kept moving Up and down but the most consistent Number on Saturday morning was that! Well This week Driving myself crazy weighing myself damn near every day Several times a day, Honestly almost every damn time I went in the bathroom! Before I peed after I peed before I shower and again after! and On Tuesday the scale had budged maybe a lb Which By Wednesday Night had gone Up .5 lbs from Saturdays Weigh In! That will drive some one crazy! Especially Putting in the amount of Gym time I have been. I can say My eating has been a little Off, I mean Sunday ( Superbowl Sunday to be exact) I did have wings About 4 of them ( after the gym) and some ranch and celery, That is about it. I have avoided Steak by all costs, and  Even went shopping for Whole grain and egg whites. I have had a few splurges like a bite of a chocolate frosted and glazed donut. I did eat Spicy rolls like 3 days in a row for dinner ( but Killed it at the gym). So  when I saw the scale ( both at the Gym and at home) show a 3lb drop on Wednesday I damn near broke my face smiling!  Well With all the water  getting out of my system My Thursday night weigh in was a little under 5lbs. I was afraid to eat too Much Friday in fear of gaining some of the weight lost on Thursday so I started slow, Had a breakfast burrito, Made from egg Whites, onion, tomatoes, and some turkey wrapped in a tomato flavored Wrap. Delicious! I ate normally had some apple juice and am still excited about my weigh in this morning!

Biggest Challenge: My biggest Challenge this week Is bringing home take out and watching my husband eat it! Cooking Yummy food for the Boy and not eating anything Like pancakes, buttered toast, Chicken nuggets, clam chowder *Drool*! Yum! They had pizza this week Chinese, mcdonalds, wendys, damn near everything Id kill to have and I have resisted temptation by all costs! And I am glad I did because the scale sure shows all the effort I have put into it! This is very encouraging!

Well MY cheat day is typically on Sunday But Like last weekend I tried keeping it to a minimum like instead of killing the bags of wings I actually only had 4! So I will see what i give myself this Sunday to Tie me over Till My next cheat day!

Without further ado:

Last Weeks Weight: 268.6
This Weeks Weight: 261.2
Weight Lost:7.4 lbs.
Total Loss Since 1.1.11: 26.3lbs
First Mini Goal of 25 Lbs Reached Yay!

I am Very amazed that I Lost that much considering I have not limited my calorie intake and have been eating Pretty well ( a little too well) But the Gym time has been ALOT! so I am very glad To see the results I did. And I know some will say That it is only healthy to lose 2 lbs per week, and to them I say That goes for the people starving to lose their weight and Ive heard the muscle Mass thing, But all I can say to yall is, I cant control how much I've lost, I ate ALOT just ate right and for anything that wasnt the best choice I killed it at the gym, so Unless there is some ridiculous lecture about Working out to Much, Keep on moving! Any ways YAY me!!!


FatGirl said...

holy crap! Thats a crazy amount to see drop on the scale! I think I would pee with excitment lol

and p.s. STOP LOOKING AT THE SCALE lol.. I put mine away finally so I don't see it everytime I go into the bathroom, but you are right it will drive someone crazy.. HIDE IT! lol

Lindsey Lu said...

Im trying to stop weighing daily and so far its working great. Stresses me out a LOT less when I only weight once a week.....and yes its pure torture watching DH eat yumminess, but willpower willpower- I do my best LOL!

Miss No Name said...

You can actually work out too much. I used to and then that weight loss plateau thing happened to me. When I reduced the time I spent working out I continued losing weight. But you're still losing weight so you're good :)